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You have enough to worry about. Let Junk Masters handle cleaning up your loved one’s estate.

We are to help you with the difficult task of clearing out an entire home when it is necessary to get a home ready for sale or rent once the owner(s) pass away. Junk Masters is a leading estate cleanout service in the New York City metro area.

We work with real estate agents, family members, and estate executors to clear homes of furniture, personal items, household goods, appliances, carpets, plants, backyard furniture, trash, and any junk that may be left in garages, attics, basements and the like. We understand that cleaning out an entire home for estate clearance is different than picking up junk, and we will work closely with you to ensure that everything is sorted in a respectful, efficient, and ultimately satisfactory way.

Junk Masters offers estate cleanout and estate clearance services in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and Long Island. If you are a real estate agent or estate executor, we want to be your estate cleanout and estate clearance company of choice, and we are proud to put in the extra effort that always sets us apart from the competition. Our estate cleanout services are efficient, effective, and affordable and result in a clean home that is ready to sell or rent, or to be occupied by another family member.

Call us at 646-523-1276  for a free estimate or book a no-obligation appointment online for your estate clearance in the New York City metro area.