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Concentrate on your life while we focus on your junk.

Many people need a garage cleanout, a basement cleanout, or an attic cleanout and think that they may be able to do it themselves at some point, and it never gets done. With Junk Masters it takes one phone call, and it’s taken care of. Save yourself the trouble of going into these hard to reach places that may be too hot or cold to work in.

Let us take everything out for you, help you sort the good from the bad, and haul away the junk, rubbish, and unwanted items to give you your space back. Oftentimes there are years of junk that are stuffed out of site and out of mind in garages, basements, and attics. We find that when it comes time to clean, most of the items are indeed not wanted by the owners, whether they are old boxes of clothes and magazines, broken furniture, or old appliances. We can clean up years of stored junk in hours, and leave the space ready for use.

We clean up and remove junk from garages, basements, and attics in the entire New York City area, including Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, and Long Island.

Call us at 646-523-1276  for a free estimate or book a no-obligation appointment online to get your garage, basement, or attic cleaned out.