Rubbish Removal

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Anytime you need us, we are your on-demand rubbish removal service.

We pick up where regular garbage pickup services leave off. Junk Masters is available to anybody at any time, you don’t need to have an account or wait for a scheduled pickup time for your neighborhood. We are on call and ready to pick up your rubbish, trash or garbage whenever you need it for an affordable price.

Furthermore your garbage removal services will not come and pick up, bag, and carry your trash and rubbish from your home or building. They will only pick up on the curb. Junk Masters will pick up any and all items as well as bagging and carrying large amounts of rubbish from homes, offices, apartments, construction sites, back yards, attics, basements, or other difficult areas.

Junk Masters will also pick up yard waste, organic materials, scrap wood and metal, and of course furniture, appliances, mattresses and more. We do not have the same restrictions as regular garbage pickup services in New York City, in fact we will pick up anything as long as it is not toxic or dangerous.

We provide rubbish removal services in Queens, rubbish removal services in Manhattan, rubbish removal services in Bronx, rubbish removal services in Brooklyn,  and rubbish removal services in Long Island. We are your local rubbish removal partner whenever you need us.

Call us at 646-523-1276  for a free estimate or book a no-obligation appointment online for rubbish removal in New York.